so much new music

boy am i excited. so excited. here you go, peeps.

1. The Paper Raincoat, Safe in the Sound- EP
sounds like: Regina Spektor, the Weepies, Frou Frou, Vienna Teng
listen here

This band pushed my comfort zone, and I am so happy about it. The vocal are the soft blend of male and female (think the weepies). The background is heavily electronic. but LOADED with violins. I especially like "Brooklyn Blurs" and "Motion Sickness". The COOLEST thing about this duo (Alex Wong and Amber Rubarth, see below) is that the songs are revolved around a story about a woman's decisions in life that were changed in her father's dreams of making a paper raincoat. or something. read the site. but they're awesome, and probably different than any other stuff I've put up here.

2. Amber Rubarth, Unfinished Art
sounds like: Dar Williams
listen here

To be honest, I expected Rubarth to sound like her new collaboration, the Paper Raincoat. Not at all. It's just her and a guitar. Her lyrics are really unique and interesting and often tell a story (try "You will love this song"). She's also got a pretty cool life story, where she was an average high schooler, dropped out to make wood as art (or something), then dropped that to pursue music. awesome.

3. The Animators, How We Fight
sounds like: Ben Lee (vocals), Matt Nathanson (music)
listen here

This band, broken up in 2007, and headed by Alex Wong (The Paper Raincoat), has got a blend of pop and acoustic so similar on the few tracks I scanned (try "I Won't Tell")- well that's why. Not comparable on lyrics. Also, this band is way bigger on electronica. It seems to be heavy on production, but hey, it's electronica.
(also note, you can download their music FOR FREE)
check out Alex Wong's solo page here

4. Brandon Heath, What If We
sounds like: Mat Kearney (sans rapping)
listen here

Sometimes Christian music is good as long as it's not overwhelming. at least it's not a story about a guy getting dumped again, right? think the usual christian artist style music- a little poppy, guitar. A good listen, though- I like "Wait and See".

5. Greg Holden, A Word in Sideways
sounds like: Joshua James, Joshua Radin
listen here

Folksters, you will appreciate Greg Holden. His music is simple, his voice raw (and he's got an accent... hot). So if you like a boy and a guitar, and music with meaning, here you go.


not on itunes?!?

1. Chris Madin, Unreleased
sounds like: Marc Broussard
listen here

My browser now permanently tunes to Madin's myspace page. All of his sounds are good- a little poppy, maybe a little overproduced, but an amazing listen nonetheless. Madin also carries a wide range of styles (Compare "Jigsaw" to "Stay"). How this guy has managed to not put out an album... well, I don't know.

2. And then there were two, unreleased
sounds like: Tegan and Sara
listen here

okay, so maybe they were on the Hills. but still a find because they're unreleased, and awesome. I enjoy the raw but blended harmonies and kinda-angry acoustic guitar (what?). My word of advice to the band: find some new strum patterns.

3. Maria Taylor, Time Lapse Lifeline
sounds like: Schuyler Fisk, Erin Mccarley, Colbie Callait (?)
listen here

hurray for the emerging female singer songwriter. I usually label this particular genre into two subtypes: kind of poppy (think violins in the background), and folky (guitar only). Taylor falls into the first category. Her songs aren't extremely original, persay, but they're good and still maintains a folky edge (two part harmony, for example). A good listen.

4. Nate Campany,Patience EP
sounds like: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, acoustic Graham Colton
listen here

Campany is a perfect blend of folk,southern, and pop. His myspace lists him as a pop artist, but... I disagree. I would label him as folk with a propensity for a produced sound. I haven't thoroughly listened through his stuff, but his lyrics are original and (gasp) not all about love.