a few new friends

Well, I've been in kind of a rut. Also, I only release the music I found, not music that was given to me via mix CDs. So I've only found a couple good artists recently... here you go.

1. Catie Curtis,
sounds like: Antje Duvekot, Indigo Girls, other women folksters
listen here

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just love pure folk. Not like twangy stuff, like real lyrics and a guitar- the bare minimum. That's pretty much what Catie is. She's got some nice lyrics and it's soft and lovely :)

2. Josh Auer, Dear You- EP
sounds like: Matt White
listen here

Josh Auer, while not having any soul moving lyrics or anything, is a fine mix between pop and acoustic. His songs don't all sound exactly the same, either. Sometimes he borders on alittle too pop for me, but he's pretty much a good find.

3. Matt Pryor, Confidence Man
sounds like: matt costa, Josh Ritter
listen here

Oh man, this is the only myspace I've found where you can listen to a bunch of songs! Matt is also pretty folky, and he's got this super raw voice that almost borders on the edge of maybe-you-should-write-the-songs-and-get-someone-else-to-sing-them syndrome. I also wouldn't recommend him if you don't like quirky folk stuff- like Josh Ritter for example.

on a side note, DMB and Matt Kearney have new CDs out which are pretty stellar.

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