wow, i really blew it. slash i have not found too much new music lately! but here is what i did find...

1. Lisa Hanigan, Sea Sew
sounds like: Erin McCarley
listen here

So I haven't given Hanigan a for serious listen, but I do enjoy the song "I Don't Know". She's got quite a mix going, some of the songs are techno/synth/pop, and others are straightup alternative folk (a genre I just made up and can be principally defined by, say, the Mountain Goats). I also like the light orchestral sound that floats in and out of her music.

2. Latchkey Kid, Miracle Mile
sounds like: Josh Rouse-ish
listen here

I heard this dude in the soundtrack to I Love You, Man (Which is a movie you should freals check out. seriously, stop everything). I wasn't necessarily moved by any of his stuff, but it's fun and light and acoustic guitar-y.

3. Matt Simons, Fall in Line -EP
sounds like: Gavin DeGraw, Eric Hutchinson
listen here

I found him as one of those ads on facebook that are oh-so personalized. It said he sounded like Matt Nathanson. He did not, at all, leaving me a little disappointed, but I like the rhythm he employs on the piano. Voice is not anything awesome, but it's good anyway.

4. Jukebox the Ghost, Let Live and Let Ghosts
sounds like: ZOX, Ben Folds (new stuff), the Format
listen here

This is weird. JTG sounds MORE punk rock-y on their album than they did when I saw them open for Ben Folds. Anyway, what I predominantly like about them is that they're fresh, their music takes turns and changes rhythms and it's fun.

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