you would think i would have found a lot of music in the woods, but not so much. here's some folky hipster-y favorites:

1. Meg Hutchinson, Come Up Full
sounds like: the Weepies, Deb Talan, Indigo Girls
listen here

Meg sounds a lot like the weepies. She doesn't have Deb Talan's characteristic voice, but she's sure got her lyrics down. Folksters will like this, but if you yearn for more than just a guitar (and who could want more?), then maybe not so much.

2. Five Times August, Brighter Side/Acoustic Sessions
sounds like: Matt Wertz (acoustic), John Mayer (acoustic), Tyler Hilton
listen here

I've been hesitant to ever mention Five Times August on here because I'm not quite sure how I feel about him. I love the guitar, and i love his voice. But sometimes the lyrics are really cliche and sappy. But not always. I'm a big fan of the acoustic pieces, but his other stuff is more polished and has got that pop-acoustic thing going on.

3. Owl City, Ocean Eyes
sounds like: BEN GIBBARD
listen here

You WILL think Owl City is fronted by Ben gibbard (death cab for cutie/ the postal service)/ I mean, how could it not be? It took an hour of googling for me to finally accept that this was a sound-alike. Anyway, normally I don't usually fall for anything electronic, but I think it's the cuteandslightlyquirky lyrics as well as the major chord changes that did me in. Personal Favee: "Fireflies"

4. We Are Scientists
sounds like: The Arcade Fire
listen here

I don't have an album listed on here because I don't have their album. I found them on the Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack. Rather embarassing, but really, it is a good soundtrack and quite hipster-y (something I like sometimes, but shy away from, because hipsters are scary when it comes to music.)

5. A Fine Frenzy
sounds like: Erin McCarley, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor
listen here

I feel very silly introducing A Fine Frenzy here because
1) I have been listening to her forever(thanks KC)
2) she is on plenty of commercials and is definitely well known.
But I haven't introduced her, so I will now. If you're looking for a female blend of pop and cute lyrics, this is the right place to turn. I haven't heard any acoustic sets from her, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Recommended Track: Blow Away, Life Size