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oh hey team-
I decided to revamp this blog and start over again. Lately I've been getting requests for music ideas all over the place and that was the whole brainchild beyond the blog to begin with. I've also started an idea called "New Music Tuesdays" and it's quite nice to get a song or two to brighten up Tuesday (because let's face it, Tuesday is terrible. major blerg.) Also, my music taste has evolved and diverged naturally towards a selection quite different than that previously listed here. Not to mention, my previous entries probably listed WAY TOO MUCH music for anyone to handle. Lastly, this blog will be much more picture heavy, because I realized in my hey-im-in-europe-and-therefore-have-to-have-a-blag blog, PEOPLE LOOK AT PICTURES AND SKIP OVER WORDS.

so here's how this works- every Tuesday (or let's face it, probably Wednesday sometimes cause I'll forget) I'll post about an album or a song or something.

I'm also more than willing to open this blog to other people and make it a forum! let's do it!

on that note, I have two thurprises.
1. Daphne Willis, I'll Be Waiting
Album: Because I Can
SOUNDS LIKE: Everybody- Ingrid Michaelson

I've been obsessed with her EP, especially "My Shoes", for like... ever. This song is ADORABLE and I totally am jealous of whoever she is waiting for in this song...

2. Matt Nathanson, Modern Love
Album: Modern Love
SOUNDS LIKE: Graham Colton Band

Two words about this album: holy. fuck. This is not even my favorite song on the album, not even close, but I am plugging this PRIOR to the album's release- June 21st, BOOM. I don't even know what to say here except that Matt Nathanson has pulled off something great in this album. The lyrics: phenomenal. The music: more pop than his earlier records, but if you follow his albums, from Ernst, to Some Mad Hope (that's the one with the come on get higher song- yes, you've heard it somewhere in a CVS) you can hear the progression.
I definitely plug this for anyone who likes words that makes you feel, and like slightly produced sounds.

the whole album is streaming here, check it out.

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