summer's here, the waves are crashing

in Boston, the weather has been out of control nice and it's basically impossible to be in less than a completely stellar mood, so I've decided to highlight two of my not-new-to-me, maybe-not-even-new-to-you favorite songs that remind me of summer, a time to just... be awesome.

1. Tristan Prettyman, Love Love Love
Album: Twenty Three
sounds like: Jason Mraz, Ingrid Michaelson

This is an old album, not anything new to me. The message of this song is captured in the lines "gonna let it all flow right past me/cause when i'm here I'm always happy". Perfect for embracing the day and not getting bogged down in slight negativities. The lyrics are strong and the music is light, begging for a sunny day.

2. Jason Mraz, What Would Love Do Now

Don't be thrown off by the name. Mraz is much more than I'm Yours. I am a big fan of his life mantra(why? check it out)and this song really captures it. In light of the sunshine, this song is about letting go of toxic energy and living love. Embrace.

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